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Problems creating a local MapR repository under Ubuntu

Question asked by andyt22 on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by andyt22

I have been following the documentation at Creating a local repository on Ubuntu  to create a local repository for MapR v6.0.1 and MEP-v5.0.0 on an existing internal webserver that is used both as a local Ubuntu mirror and a MapR repository but I have run into 2 problems:

  1. after downloading the two archive files mapr-v6.0.1GA.deb.tgz and mapr-mep-v5.0.0.201804060834.deb.tgz and extracting them them into /root/mapr/mapr, step 6 describes creating the package list with dpkg-scanpackages but this throws up lots of errors as you can see below - why is this?:

    root@ubuntu-mirror:~# cp mapr-v6.0.1GA.deb.tgz /root/mapr/mapr
    root@ubuntu-mirror:~# cp mapr-mep-v5.0.0.201804060834.deb.tgz /root/mapr/mapr

    cd /root/mapr/mapr

    root@ubuntu-mirror:~/mapr/mapr# ls
    mapr-mep-v5.0.0.201804060834.deb.tgz mapr-v6.0.1GA.deb.tgz
    root@ubuntu-mirror:~/mapr/mapr# tar xzf mapr-v6.0.1GA.deb.tgz
    root@ubuntu-mirror:~/mapr/mapr# tar xzf mapr-mep-v5.0.0.201804060834.deb.tgz
    root@ubuntu-mirror:~/mapr/mapr# cd ../
    root@ubuntu-mirror:~/mapr# ls
    dists mapr
    root@ubuntu-mirror:~/mapr# dpkg-scanpackages . /dev/null | gzip -9c > ./dists/binary/optional/binary-amd64/Packages.gz
    dpkg-scanpackages: warning: package mapr-drill-internal (filename ./mapr/MEP/MEP-5.0/ubuntu/mapr-drill-internal_1.13.0.201803281554_all.deb) is repeat;
    dpkg-scanpackages: warning: ignored that one and using data from ./mapr/MEP/MEP-5.0.0/ubuntu/mapr-drill-internal_1.13.0.201803281554_all.deb!
    dpkg-scanpackages: warning: package mapr-kafka-connect-hdfs (filename ./mapr/MEP/MEP-5.0/ubuntu/mapr-kafka-connect-hdfs_4.0.0.201804061412_all.deb) is repeat;
    dpkg-scanpackages: warning: ignored that one and using data from ./mapr/MEP/MEP-5.0.0/ubuntu/mapr-kafka-connect-hdfs_4.0.0.201804061412_all.deb!

    and at the end of this command, I get: 
    dpkg-scanpackages: warning: Packages in archive but missing from override file:
    dpkg-scanpackages: warning: mapr-apiserver mapr-asynchbase mapr-cldb mapr-client mapr-collectd mapr-core mapr-core-internal mapr-data-access-gateway mapr-drill mapr-drill-internal mapr-drill-yarn mapr-elasticsearch mapr-fileserver mapr-fluentd mapr-flume mapr-gateway mapr-grafana mapr-hadoop-core mapr-hbase mapr-hbase-internal mapr-hbase-rest mapr-hbasethrift mapr-historyserver mapr-hive mapr-hivemetastore mapr-hiveserver2 mapr-hivewebhcat mapr-httpfs mapr-hue mapr-kafka mapr-kafka-connect-hdfs mapr-kafka-connect-jdbc mapr-kafka-rest mapr-kibana mapr-librdkafka mapr-livy mapr-loopbacknfs mapr-mapreduce2 mapr-nfs mapr-nodemanager mapr-oozie mapr-oozie-internal mapr-opentsdb mapr-pig mapr-posix-client-basic mapr-posix-client-container mapr-posix-client-platinum mapr-resourcemanager mapr-sentry mapr-single-node mapr-spark mapr-spark-historyserver mapr-spark-master mapr-spark-thriftserver mapr-sqoop mapr-sqoop2-client mapr-sqoop2-server mapr-tez mapr-timelineserver mapr-upgrade mapr-webserver mapr-zk-internal mapr-zookeeper
    dpkg-scanpackages: info: Wrote 63 entries to output Packages file.
  2. secondly, assuming I fix the above errors, step 7 says:
    Move the entire /root/mapr/mapr directory to the default directory served by the HTTP server (for example, /var/www) and make sure the HTTP server is running.

I assume this means just the last mapr subdirectory is moved to /var/www so that /var/www/mapr contains:

root@ubuntu-mirror:~# ls /var/www/mapr

mapr-mep-v5.0.0.201804060834.deb.tgz mapr-v6.0.1GA.deb.tgz MEP v6.0.1

Is this correct?