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Security Features in MapR distribution of MapR. What are the features which make it stand apart than native (apache) Hadoop distribution?

Question asked by Rahul Panda on Jun 22, 2018
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Hello Dear Members


I have a doubt regarding the security features established in MapR architecture.

As we know that securing Hadoop and its environment is an important topis for most administrators, though, Hadoop is inherently insecure, despite of its built-in authorization feature which is quite strong.

Security was never a priority during Hadoop's evolution, rather it was the data processing that was the main concern. Hadoop assumes a trusted environment for the cluster, but this isn't appropriate for enterprise-level use, where we need true security to protect sensitive business data. A user that is given access to the name-node can theoretically delete all the data or impersonate other users and access data they aren't supposed to access. Hadoop doesn't contain any mechanism for assigning role-based or object-level access.


What improvisions are done to the MapR distribution to overcome this issues?


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Will be waiting for your reply.


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