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Understanding MapR>=6.0 support of HBase?

Question asked by reedv on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by maprcommunity

Looking at some discussions of Cask CDAP installation for MapR (Google Groups), there is a thread saying that 

CDAP doesn't support running with MapR DB. CDAP supports MapR but only when running with HBase. MapR dropped support for HBase in MapR 6.0. To work around this we install and run HBase.

and as clarification on this...

MapR dropped support for HBase. You won't be able to manage HBase with MapR like other services (install, restart, monitor...). The HBase libraries are still available through the MEP. I'm not sure where these libraries are used in MapR. We've found that these libraries give you everything needed to run HBase and in turn, run CDAP.

So my question here is: what exactly is MapR's level of support surrounding HBase?


We are currently on 6.0 and have the HBase REST and Thrift servers visible in the MCS and I am also using the HBase interface in Hue on our MapR cluster (installed via the script (MapR Installer)) to create and write to HBase tables, which seems to already contradict the statements in the Cask forums shown here. What am I getting wrong here? Is Hue in MapR 6.0 not actually using HBase or something (HBase Client and MapR-DB Binary Tables)? Any 6.0 docs detailing the specifics of HBase usage/compatibility/support on MapR>=6.0? Thanks.