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Should mapr user need sudo access?

Question asked by SubashKunjupillai on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by Rahul Panda



We have MapR 5.2.1 installed in 20 odd different customer sites. Since the effect of GDPR, we are in the process of enabling security at mapr layer and looking at other vulnerabilities within our product. During that course we found that we have been creating 'mapr' user for which sudo permission is being provided during installation (Not installed using MapR Installer). I checked the Installation Guide in MapR Docs, but couldn't find any explicit requirement on sudo permission even for installation.


My query is, does MapR product expects sudo permission for it's user 'mapr'? We have another 'sysadmin' user with sudo permission. If sudo permission is required only for installation and it can be any user, we can use the existing 'sysadmin' user and remove sudo permission for mapr user. Please let me know your valuable thoughts.



Subash Kunjupillai