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How do you change storage pool ID for a MapR-FS Disk?

Question asked by RoyalSwish on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by deborah

This question is related to my other question (Cluster Not Using All Disk Storage ) but I think it's important enough for it to have its own post so others can more easily find it.


I have a 3 node cluster in which each node has 350GB allocated to it, so in total 1050GB is available for the entire cluster to use. However, for some reason my cluster is only seeing 638GB available whereas I was expecting something far closer to 1000GB.


One thing I have noticed however is that for 2 out of my 3 nodes have a storage pool ID allocation of 3, and the last one has an ID of 1 - and I believe this is causing the issue that I'm having as 350GB x 2 = 700GB, minus any storage amount allocated to metadata and such and that should roughly add up to 638GB, which is what my cluster is seeing. I believe that having one of the nodes with storage on a separate storage pool is what is causing me to miss roughly 350GB.


I ran the command maprcli disk listall which shows each of my nodes and their allocated MapR-FS disks and you can see that one of them has a Storage Pool ID of 1.



On MCS, you can see that I've only been allocated 638GB for my cluster:



Is there a way to change the storage pool of my "janus1-client-0" node from 1 to 3? Even if it doesn't fix my inherent problem I still don't think it's right that it's on a separate pool to the other nodes.