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Capture the versions of data in maprdb table using change  data log table and elastic search

Question asked by srini14171417 on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by MichaelSegel

Hi ,

I have a use case where i need to store data into maprdb as json files.since maprdb doesnot support versioning i want to know how data will be loaded into Changedata log table...





{"purchaseid": {"ticid": "1496","ticlocation": "vizag","custnum": "222", "Comments": {"comment": [{"commentno": "1","desc": "journey","passengerseat": { "intele": "09" },"passengerloc": { "intele": "s15" }},{"commentno": "5","desc": " food","passengerseat": { "intele": "09" },"passengerloc": { "intele": "s15" }},{"commentno": "12","desc": " service","passengerseat": { "intele": "09" },"passengerloc": { "intele": "s15" } }]}}}


lets say i got update to the same json  for column custnum as  "444" on next day it is an update since ticid is same and it is rowkey..since maprdb stores only latest version of data how can i capture the updated data as full json and store into other elastic search table so that i will 2 versions ine lastic seacrh table


{"purchaseid": {"ticid": "1496","ticlocation": "vizag","custnum": "444","Comments": {"comment": [{"commentno": "1","desc": "journey","passengerseat": { "intele": "09" },"passengerloc": { "intele": "s15" }},{"commentno": "5","desc": " food","passengerseat": { "intele": "09" },"passengerloc": { "intele": "s15" }},{"commentno": "12","desc": " service","passengerseat": { "intele": "09" },"passengerloc": { "intele": "s15" } }]}}}