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Explanation of SAS MapR integration?

Question asked by reedv on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by cathy

Have never used SAS and don't know much about it, but have users who are interested in using hadoop distributed processing to speed up processing of SAS analytics and data loading (eg. csv files into standard files that the SAS environment can better work with) jobs. Can we somehow use YARN to improve performance of SAS jobs? Are there SAS products that facilitate this? Is something like this even possible (again I've never used SAS before, so my verbiage may not even be correct)? It is not exactly clear from looking at the marketing materials (MapR Extends Support for SAS to Deliver Big Data Storage Independence | MapR), but is seems like the only SAS component that can leverage MapR hadoop distributed processing is the initial data cleansing and ETL component, SAS Hadoop Data Loader. I recognize that this question is similar to another on this site (Integrating MapR + SAS: detailed description of user experience and capabilities ), but here I am asking about specific solution possibilities rather than asking about how it would work at a lower level or workflow best-practices. Any advice on this would be appreciated, thank you.