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Drill performance on RDBMS

Question asked by datatrine on May 7, 2018
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Drill vs RDBMS query execution

I am clocking 20 secs on RDBMS call / output from Tableau on a specific sql, while Drill using JDBC / Storage takes 70 secs. Need Drill to either be in +or - 10% or beat Oracle. Please help.


I tried various options from increasing memory usage etc, still no luck.

Ideally Drill must figure out the Oracle optimizer as a better output and move its payload to the execution from Oracle.

My filter pushdown is set to true (not sure if this works only for parquet) but I did see in a video that it does for RDBMS plugins as well.


Initially, memory errors on null pointers came up, so had to disable hash to get the query to run. 

PS: This is on Windows   

Need help please!