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How to specify the column family name in MapR DB JSON table?

Question asked by srinibandaru on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by sabamu28
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Hi Vinayak, I am having an issue with grant permission on my MaprDB-Json table. I am familiar with grant permssion on Mapr DB Binary tables. But on Mapr DB Json i have an isssue. I have the mapr DB-Json table like below . Could you please correct me the syntax, specifically how to specify the column family name?


maprdb sbanx12:> desc '/hdfspath/lake/tst/developer//sandbox/stream/snapshot/j_tables/Snapshot_table'

{"Path": "/hdfspath/lake/tst/developer/sandbox/stream/snapshot/j_tables/Snapshot_table", "InsertionOrder": true, "BulkLoad": false, "AutoSplit": true, "SplitSize": 4096, "Families": [{"Id": 1, "Name": "default", "JsonFieldPath": "", "TTL": 0, "InMemory": false, "Compression": "LZ4"}]}


Below is the maprcli command

$  maprcli table edit -path '/hdfspath/lake/tst/developer/sandbox/stream/snapshot/j_tables/Snapshot_table' -cfname 'cf' -readperm 'g:grpbddev' -writeperm 'g:grpbddev' -appendperm 'g:grpbddev'