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Not seeing all data in Sandbox through Drill ODBC on Qlik Sense

Question asked by navys3al on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by aengelbrecht

I have set up MapR Sandbox for Drill running with the follow VirtualBox Bridged Network environments:

VM1: MapR Sandbox for Drill with Sample Dataset in MapR-FS and MapR-DB
VM2: Windows 7 Client (installed with MapR Drill ODBC Driver and Qlik Sense Desktop)
Both VMs can ping each other. I can SSH into the Sandbox with user "mapr".
System DSN has been set up with MapR Drill ODBC directly to the Drillbit configured on Sandbox. Connection tested successful with user "mapr" with Plain authentication.
Through Drill Explorer, I can see all data objects such as dfs.clicks, dfs.default, dfs.logs, maprdb, ...
Drill Explorer View
Created an ODBC connection on Qlik Sense, with user "mapr".
ODBC Connection in Qlik Sense
When I preview data, I can only see 3 owners in the list under DRILL database and not able to see all objects. Only maprdb is accessible with "customers" and "products".
As described in documentation (Using Qlik Sense with Drill - Apache Drill ), it should be able to access objects like dfs.clicks, dfs.logs none of them are listed under Owner.
Is there anything extra steps that I need to perform to give access to full list of objects? I would like to test especially data sits in MapR-FS and loaded into Qlik Sense. Please help! Thanks!
Preview Data in Qlik Sense for Data Load