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Does MapR volume auditing capture MapR-DB and Hive table edits?

Question asked by reedv on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by keysbotzum

Like the question states, would like to know if mapr's auditing feature tracks changes made to mardb and hive tables?

Eg. suppose I create the hive internal table maprfs:///users/hive/warehouse/mytable (of course, I would like this to also apply to external tables in other locations as well) and then do something like delete or edit a row in mytable from the hive CLI, hive web interface, or apache hue. Say that the users volume has mapr auditing enabled and turned on. Will this edit to the table be logged? Will the logged info be intelligible when looking at the expanded audit (ie. the logged operation for when I delete a row from the table will be "DELETE" rather than being blank or something like "GETPERM")?


The info from the docs (Auditing Data-Access Operations) seem to indicate that this is the case for mapr-db tables, but I could not find anything for Hive (which is what I would rather use as there are a number of nice interfaces for using it that there does not seem to be for mapr-db tables). I did see this piece of documentation (Getting Started with Hive and MapR-DB Integration), but was still curious about how the auditing worked in that case (is the maprdb table created in the same location as the hive table? If not, which volume needs to be audited? How does this apply to Hive view tables?).

Would appreciate input. Thanks.