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Kafka-Connect for MapR streams

Question asked by ashwinikp on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by MichaelSegel


We  have a 3 node MapR cluster on Azure with MapR 6.0 version and MEP 4.0.

It is required to ingest logs from other source system into MapR streams.

We have created mapR stream directory path and a topic for the same. We have deployed and configured filebeats on the source along with MapR client , however we do not find any plugin or other way  to use mapR stream from the filebeat.


We saw in MapR documentation to use Kafka connect but do not have enough examples of using the same.

Do not know how to use the "kafka connect" to ingest logs into mapR streams.

What do we need on the source system for kafka connect to push logs to mapr streams.


Any help or advice is much appreciated.