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MapR 6 only show 1/2 nodes instead of 3 nodes

Question asked by ngkarho on Mar 18, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2018 by awisawe

Hi all, I have installed 3 nodes MapR 6 with enterprise trial license. However, in MCS, instead of 3 nodes it only show 1 or 2 nodes.

When I use command "maprcli node list -columns ip" it only show 2 nodes instead of 3. But Hive and other MapR services is working in third node (missing node). NFS is also working for 1 node.

I can access to MapR Control System by using the third node's ip address (specified during the installation), but in the MCS it only show info for first and second nodes

I have tried solution from Only one node visible but it is not working for me. Appreciate if you guys can give some comment on this. Thank you.