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Mapr 6 document db connection pooling

Question asked by gravindran on Mar 10, 2018
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Aditya Kishore

Anurag Choudhary

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Tug Grall


We are accessing mapr 6 db from a backend application server . Does mapr 6 client library provide connection pooling?

From the initial looks of it, it does not. 


I have a similar looking snippet of code as below 


DocumentStore store = connection.getStore(path)


The above statement adds lot of overhead if we perform it for every query in the application. 

Following questions come to mind


1. The application can perform connection caching. Is the `DocumentStore` object thread safe considering our application is natively multi threaded ?

2. Is it ok if we perform `DocumentStore` .close during the end of the application life cycle , or is it automatically done during garbage collection ? Any potential connection leak issues ?