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Altering volume permissions for NFS mount?

Question asked by reedv on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by jbubier

Is it possible to apply different permissions to a volume when it is mounted to a remote machine (that does not have name users as the cluster) via NFS (mount the standard way via the docs (Mounting NFS on a Linux Client))?


Eg. we have users on a select number of users on a remote (linux) machine that we would like to make a volume available to via NFS. So the remote machine has users D,E,F,G and we want user D and E to be able to access the volume with something like ACLs applied to the volume's NFS mount on that machine. However on the cluster nodes, there are only users A,B,C, and mapr (and the volume is owned by mapr and must not be publicly writable). Is this possible (and in maybe a nicer way)? Are there going to be any security implications in doing this (assume that we are admins on both the cluster machines and the remote machine)? Thanks.