Python & PySpark Application Development on MapR

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Hi Python developers,

Do you know that MapR launched Python bindings for the MapR-DB OJAI Connector for Apache Spark to enable PySpark jobs to read and write to the MapR-DB document database via the OJAI API?   MapR-DB JSON enables you to read data from either the filesystem or the DB, based on requirements, and then store that Spark data structure as a JSON document in the database. In addition,  the MapR Data Science Refinery, which adds support for distributed Python archives, enabling you to easily access the libraries you need from wherever your jobs run in the cluster.  For more details, take a look of Rachel Silver's latest blog, "Modern Python & PySpark Application Development on MapR | MapR", and join the discussion below to share how you utilize Pythion & PySpark on MapR.  


Note:  Rachel's blog includes a tutorial demonstration.