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Consumer Group Hang - MapR Streams

Question asked by john.humphreys on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by cyalamanchili
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I have a pretty standard Java app for MapR streams.

  • Multiple copies of the app can run.
  • Each copy spawns up a number of Kafka consumers.
  • The only topic being targeted has 16 partitions.
  • It has been running for ~6 months without issue.


My problem:

  • I restart the app every day via cron (just to keep things clean).
  • A couple days ago when it restarted, MapR still thought the dead copies of the application were assigned to the consumer groups.
  • I used the /stream/assign/list endpoint in the REST API to verify which hosts/processes were "using" the partitions.  The processes were definitely dead.
  • I left it for a day hoping it would time out, and it didn't.


What I did?

After waiting a day, I tried:

  • Making new Kafka consumers and doing various operations to trigger a re-balance (no effect).
  • Manually deleting the assignments via the internal MapR-DB table for the stream (no effect) - and yeah I know, I wouldn't normally play around with the internals via the JSON table.  I suspect this one didn't work as there is probably a cluster-side process already holding the same data in memory.
  • Deleting and recreating the consumer group with the same offsets (can't recreate it, it hangs when you try to use that name).
  • Finally, I created a new consumer group with the same offsets and moved my app over to that (which worked fine).  This is clearly not a happy solution though.



  • Has anyone seen these issues before?  
  • Is it possibly fixed in a new version?
  • Is there a workaround to avoid changing the consumer group?