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MapR security between drillbits(drill on warden)

Question asked by anshul09013 on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by arjunkr

It has been mentioned in document Securing Drill that MAPRSASL is used for secure communication between drillbits or MAPR-DB to drillbits. I have a 5 node MapR cluster(MapR 6.0), but not able to locate mapr ticket which is used for communication between two mapr nodes.


I can see some invalid ticket error in my logs. I have a few questions,


1. Where can i see mapr ticket on each cluster which is used for communication between two nodes i.e. for maprsasl used for secure data transfer between drillbits?


2. When do these tickets get expired? Do i need to generate again on each node or it will autogenerate once expired?


3. Do drill on warden maintain its own ticket or uses the ticket created by maprlogin command?