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Impala Catalog Services High Availability

Question asked by rpillai on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by Murshid Chalaev

I have impala catalog server installed on two servers. One active and one on standby mode. 

But on my impala's, I only have 1 server mentioned. So when it goes down my impala based application goes down unless I change the on all my nodes to point to the active catalog server and restart impala daemon or fail over back the impala catalog server mentioned on the   How can I make this HA ?  I want the impala server to automatically connect to active catalog server . 

Here is how my looks like 


export IMPALA_HOME=/opt/mapr/impala/impala-2.5.0
export MAPR_HOME=/opt/mapr
export IMPALA_VERSION=2.5.0
export LIBHDFS_OPTS="-Dhadoop.login=hybrid -Dhadoop.login=hybrid_keytab"

# Get the generic mapr environment variables
[ -f ${MAPR_HOME}/conf/ ] && . ${MAPR_HOME}/conf/

# This MUST point to the node running statestore

#Set the Shared Memory to 128 MB
export MAPR_CLIENT_SHMEM=16384

# These impact the impala server and can be optionally changed
-log_dir=${IMPALA_LOG_DIR} \
-state_store_port=${IMPALA_STATE_STORE_PORT} \
-use_statestore \
-authorized_proxy_user_config=mapr=* \
-state_store_host=${IMPALA_STATE_STORE_HOST} \
-catalog_service_host=${CATALOG_SERVICE_HOST} \
-mem_limit=50% \
-idle_session_timeout=50 \
-idle_query_timeout=20 \
-query_log_size=1000 \

# These impact the state store daemon and can be optionally changed
-log_dir=${IMPALA_LOG_DIR} \
-state_store_port=${IMPALA_STATE_STORE_PORT} \
-catalog_service_host=${CATALOG_SERVICE_HOST} \

-log_dir=${IMPALA_LOG_DIR} \
-state_store_port=${IMPALA_STATE_STORE_PORT} \
-use_statestore \
-state_store_host=${IMPALA_STATE_STORE_HOST} \

# for troubleshooting

# Impala figures these out at runtime, but they can be overridden here.
# (Normally, they should be commented out.)
# HIVE_HOME=${MAPR_HOME}/hive/hive-*
# HBASE_HOME=${MAPR_HOME}/hbase/hbase-*
# HADOOP_HOME=${MAPR_HOME}/hadoop/hodoop-*

# No longer used ...
# LIBHDFS_OPTS=-Djava.library.path=/usr/lib/impala/lib
# MYSQL_CONNECTOR_JAR=/usr/share/java/mysql-connector-java.jar