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mapr-installer, persistence cluster information?

Question asked by csabakollar on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by csabakollar

Hi there,


I have some questions regarding the mapr-installer.

I created a docker image with on ubuntu:16.04 base and deployed it to GKE as a statefulset, for this I modified:

  • Dockerfile - added inetutils-ping (somehow it's needed)
    • container_keep_alive() function, where no matter what is $1, run 'tail -f /dev/null'


Question 1)

When I overwritten the MAPR_DATA_DIR env variable with "/data" so it won't collide with the installer created folder in /opt/mapr/installer, I noticed that my parameter is "ignored" (not completely, because the properties.json was generated there), because the file and some other files were still using the /opt/mapr/installer/data folder. Plus, I was not able to log in via the webui.


Question 2)

MAPR_CLUSTER env variable is ignored, is it a bug?


Question 3)

On the 'Node Configuration' part I use private key for remote authentication. The helper "Is it secure?" Says: All passwords and private keys are used securely and stored only in memory." Which sadly is not true, it's copying the key to /opt/mapr/installer/data folder. Not a big deal, but I'd be happy if the message would tell me this or after the ansible playbooks have ran, the installer would delete the private key.


Question 4)

After successfully installing a 3 node cluster with mapr-installer, I deleted the running pod and it got recreated (it's a statefulset) and the /opt/mapr/installer/data got remounted with my cluster's information. Sadly, the webui couldn't reload everything from the data folder :\. It lost the layout configuration, plus the cluster urls, but knew that it managed 3 nodes. Maybe a bug?