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Error While using kafka-connect-jdbc

Question asked by Sanjay0004 on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by cathy

Hi All,


I was able to successfully establish a connection between Hana and MapR Streams using kafka-connect-jdbc when I used my local MapR Sandbox, but when  I am trying this on the MapR server its not executing properly and running into the below warning without any output:



I was getting REST server already in use: so I changed the port number to 8084.


I am also attaching my below:


# These are defaults. This file just demonstrates how to override some settings.


# The converters specify the format of data in Kafka and how to translate it into Connect data. Every Connect user will

# need to configure these based on the format they want their data in when loaded from or stored into Kafka



# Converter-specific settings can be passed in by prefixing the Converter's setting with the converter we want to apply

# it to



# The internal converter used for offsets and config data is configurable and must be specified, but most users will

# always want to use the built-in default. Offset and config data is never visible outside of Copcyat in this format.





# Flush much faster than normal, which is useful for testing/debugging



Please let me know, how to fix this issue. Looking forward for your valuable suggestions on this.


Best Regards,