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How to configure and check windows machine Linux ID attributes for accessing mapr NFS share?

Question asked by reedv on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by cathy

On Windows 7 enterprise and accessing a shared mapr volume (say, \\node001\mycluster\volname) mounted with the "Map network drive" tool (as specified in the mapr docs Mounting NFS on a Windows Client). However, seeing problems where... 

1) Selecting the "log in with different credentials" from the "Map network drive" tool does not seem to do change anything (ie. entering in name and password of a user that was created on the cluster host nodes as a valid mapr user seems to not work (for evidence see #2))

2) Creating a test text file (in a public volume) and examining that file on the Linux machine (via "ls -lh"), shows a totally different UID than was set in the windows user's active directory profile under the "Unix attributes" property. (Causing a problem where the windows user can't access mapr volumes that were made specifically for the UID/GIDs entered as their unix attributes).

Is there a way to tell what the UID the linux folder thinks I have? Has anyone had this problem before and know what is going on here? Thanks.