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cldb down when cluster security disabled

Question asked by Karthee on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by maprcommunity

Hi Murshid Chalaev


This is derived from this Sqoop / Hue / Oozie / Hive failure  thread,


As you suggested,


I shutdown the cluster before issuing this command,



[mapr@san2ldmr01 ~]$ sudo /opt/mapr/server/ -C -Z,, -N TUZA.BISTORE.DEV -HS -unsecure
Configuring Hadoop-2.7.0 at /opt/mapr/hadoop/hadoop-2.7.0
Done configuring Hadoop
CLDB node list:
Zookeeper node list:,,
External Zookeeper node list:
Node setup configuration: apiserver cldb collectd drill-yarn fileserver hbaserest hbinternal hive kafka kafka-rest nfs nodemanager resourcemanager spark zookeeper
Log can be found at: /opt/mapr/logs/configure.log
Configuring collectd
Configuring kafka
Configuring kafka-rest
Configuring hive
Configuring apiserver
Configuring spark
Zookeeper found on this node, and it is not running. Starting Zookeeper
Warden is not running. Starting mapr-warden. Warden will then start all other configured services on this node
... Starting apiserver
... Starting cldb
... Starting collectd
... Starting drill-yarn
... Starting fileserver
... Starting hbaserest
... Starting hbinternal
... Starting hive
... Starting kafka
... Starting kafka-rest
... Starting nfs
... Starting nodemanager
... Starting resourcemanager
... Starting spark
To further manage the system, use "maprcli", or connect browser to https://{webserver host name}:8443/
To stop and start this node, use "systemctl start/stop mapr-warden "
Running restart script /opt/mapr/conf/restart/kafka-connect-2.0.1.restart
ERROR (10009) - RPC Rejected by CLDB Server
restart script returned 1
Running restart script /opt/mapr/conf/restart/kafka-rest-2.0.1.restart
ERROR (10009) - RPC Rejected by CLDB Server
restart script returned 1



now the security is disabled on the cluster.

**ZA.****.DEV secure=false


but cldb's failed and all other services. MCS and all other web pages are not reachable.


Please find the attached configure.log and cldb.log.


Please advise me on this.