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Mounting MapR Drive on Windows 10

Question asked by chris.crawford on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by chris.crawford

MapR Team--

Would you mind outlining here how to mount/map the MapR-FS from Windows?  The 6.0 documentation is a little convoluted and required you to skip around to multple places in the docs.  The documentation also is for Windows 10 Server.  Can the MapR-FS be mounted on a home edition of Windows 10?


As info, I was able to install Java and download the MapR Client for windows and unzip it into c:\opt\mapr  

I also set the %JAVA_HOME% and %MAPR_HOME% variables.  I also updated the core-site.xml file, but when I ran the sever\configure.bat file, I received an error about "files" not being a valid command and the Java memory setting was not recognized.  So, I was thinking that it may be easier to just ask for a clean, install instructions for Windows 10.


Thank you.