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Raw Data utilization and Monitoring - MapR-6.0

Question asked by Karthee on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by aengelbrecht



I have recently installed mapr-6.0 with 5 node cluster. There's an constant growth on the Raw data .Currently 646GB 'Raw Data' in the Cluster !!!


Chart is empty on my MCS. 

Volume data shows, 


mapr.monitoring.streams - 229GB and RF - 3 times. The raw data is 593GB now.


and the cluster is utilizing almost 800GB's of memory at any given moment! 


Disk Usage and all other charts are empty on my MCS. and there is no data on Grafana url as well.

Collectd installed and running on 5 nodes, Grafana up & running, OpenTSDB running on 3 nodes.


i was trying to test the OpenTSDB Datasource in Grafana, but it says HTTP Error, Bad Gateway.



Please advise me on this.