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Can the sql DB backing a hive metastore have a different name than "metastore"?

Question asked by davidehle on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by davidehle

I am using mapr-hivemetastore-2.1.201703241741-1, and I'm creating the metastore DB on postgresql.  When I use the schematool to create the metastore, it seems to be only able to create the metastore db with the name metastore.  I would like to use the same postgresql server to host the metastore  for more than one small cluster, so would like the be able to rename the DB to something like metastore-clustername to avoid having to spin up more DB nodes.

Is it possible to have the schematool create the metastore with a different name? If so, how?  Even if it is possible, will doing so cause more/worse problems in the future making it inadvisable? 

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