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Setting up Hive on 6.0?

Question asked by MichaelSegel on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by MichaelSegel

Anyone run in to some of the following errors?


My configuration: Intel NUC (skull candy) 32GB RAM Centos 7.x

MapR 6.0 Community Ed.


I just did a complete clean install...  erased and deleted mySQL database, along w software. (rm /var/lib/mysql )

Uninstalled MapR and removed /opt/mapr


Did a complete re-install.

Manually added myself as a user and gave it the same permissions as root.

Manually added /users/<user> directory.  Created ticket and can run 'hadoop fs -ls' to see the directory.


Still during authentication,  I get the error that its trying to authenticate via CUSTOM.


(Not sure where that's coming from because the  /opt/mapr/hive/hive-2.1/conf/hive-site.xml doesn't have any of this. )

So if you run as MapR, you're ok.

But if you want to run as any other user.. not so good.


Am I the only person having issues?  This was a clean install using the web based installation tool.