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Creating a mapr user (suppose no central directory like LDAP)?

Question asked by reedv on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by deborah

Currently have a small cluster (centos 7 nodes) and no LDAP integration. As I understand it from the docs, in order for mapr to recognize a user (eg. have them recognized when setting ACEs in the MCS, let them use "maprcli", etc.), they need to (1) be present with same uid and gid across all host nodes and (2) have a mapr ticket generated for them. My question is then, what is the recommended way to safely create a new user when we don't have hosts integrated with any central user directory?


Furthermore, say there was a user myusern1 that already existed only on node001 and I wanted to propagate them across all mapr host nodes (to make them a recognized mapr user). Would I just do something like the following?

$sudo clush -a -x node001 "useradd -M -u <node001/myusern1's uid> -g <node001/myusern1's gid> myusern1"

$sudo clush -a -x node001 "echo -e '<node001/myusern1's password>\n<node001/myusern1's password>' | passwd myusern1"

And once this was done, would it matter that the line referring to user myusern1 in the /etc/passwd files of the host nodes were not exactly the same (eg. if I were to set the user's shell for all the other nodes to /sbin/nologin)? What about for /etc/shadow? Basically, is the only thing that matters having the same uid and gid across all host nodes?

Thanks all.