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MapR Installer + Validation Errors

Question asked by PETER.EDIKE on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by apatil

I am trying to extend a cluster that has been previously installed successfully and i get Verficiation failed with the following error log


Request to url failed due to exception HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable", "prereq_payload": {"disks": {"/dev/centos-root": {"selected": false, "size": "8 GB", "unavailable": "Disk mounted at /"}, "/dev/sda1": {"selected": false, "size": "500 MB", "unavailable": "Disk mounted at /boot"}, "/dev/sdb1": {"selected": true, "size": "20 GB"}, "/dev/sdc": {"selected": false, "size": "160 GB", "unavailable": "Disk mounted at /opt"}}, "external_address": "", "prereqs": {"CPU": {"required": "x86_64", "state": "VALID", "value": "x86_64"}, "Cluster Admin": {"required": "present", "state": "VALID", "value": "mapr"}, "Disks": {"required": "/dev/centos-root, /dev/sdb1, /dev/sda1, /dev/sdc", "state": "VALID", "value": "/dev/sdb1"}, "Distribution": {"required": "SLES,Suse,RedHat,CentOS,Ubuntu", "state": "VALID", "value": "CentOS 7.4.1708"}, "Dns": {"required": "consistent", "state": "VALID", "value": "consistent"}, "Free /": {"required": "10 GB", "state": "WARN", "value": "6.1 GB"}, "Free /opt/mapr": {"required": "128 GB", "state": "WARN", "value": "97.5 GB"}, "Free /tmp": {"required": "10 GB", "state": "WARN", "value": "6.1 GB"}, "GID": {"required": "5000", "state": "ERROR", "value": "mapr"}, "Hadoop": {"required": "absent", "state": "VALID", "value": "absent"}, "Home Dir": {"required": "present", "state": "VALID", "value": "/home/mapr"}, "Hostname": {"message": "", "required": "", "state": "VALID", "value": "bla"}, "Internet": {"required": "present", "state": "VALID", "value": "present"}, "JDK": {"required": "1.8+", "state": "VALID", "value": "1.8"}, "Mounts": {"required": "/, /opt, /boot", "state": "VALID", "value": "present"}, "Owner /dev/shm": {"required": "uid 0", "state": "VALID", "value": "uid 0"}, "Owner /tmp": {"required": "uid 0", "state": "VALID", "value": "uid 0"}, "Perm /dev/shm": {"required": "01777", "state": "VALID", "value": "01777"}, "Perm /tmp": {"required": "01777", "state": "VALID", "value": "01777"}, "RAM": {"required": "64 GB", "state": "WARN", "value": "63.0 GB"}, "SWAP": {"required": "6.3 GB", "state": "WARN", "value": "1.0 GB"}, "UID": {"required": 5000, "state": "VALID", "value": "5000"}, "Yarn": {"required": "absent", "state": "VALID", "value": "absent"}}, "state": "CHECKING"}} Node does not meet prerequisites


I checked my uid and gid for the mapr user and these are the details.

      uid=5000(mapr) gid=5000(mapr) groups=5000(mapr),10(wheel)



Please what am I doing wrong and what is the problem, both users exist on the same systems with the same security credentials and priviledges