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.fuse.filename files in Posix Client

Question asked by mandoskippy on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by maprcommunity

I am troubleshooting a different issue, but in doing so, I was querying a directory via Drill that hits a mounted posix client mountpoint. 


I had 20 files in there







I started deleting files from there, to determine which file was causing me an issue. I narrowed it down to file88. 


So I removed file88 from the folder. 


When I did


select * from `dir/file*` the query returned


However, when I did


select * from `dir/*` 

the query produced an error as if file88 was still in the directory. 


This was odd.  I did a ls on the directory and file88 was not there. 


However when I did a ls -lsa of the directory there WAS a file named .fuse.file88


This file was my trouble maker. 


I am not sure why Drill is not ignoring . files (perhaps that's only a parquet thing)  but either way, why did the fuse client not remove the file?