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Does stream code locality matter (convention and security)?

Question asked by reedv on Dec 28, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by reedv

I am implementing a small experimental system where data is imported from an outside source into a private maprdb table, then streaming subset of that data to another table in another volume that all public users have access to (and they cannot be allowed to know what the original data looked like). To do this I am using the mapr python apis (Developing a MapR-ES Python Application), where the stream object is in a private volume, the producer script is in the private volume and does the data filtering before publishing to the stream, the consumer is in the public directory with the public table object (simply for the sake of having the locality be descriptive of the data-flow process in some way).


My question is, does it matter where these components (private-table, producer, stream, consumer, public-table) are placed? Is there a recommended placement or is it just arbitrary or case-by-case? Assuming the privateness and publicness of each component is enforced with ACEs or some linux permissions. Thanks.