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Fast write to maprdb tables with mapr python api?

Question asked by reedv on Dec 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by cathy

Looking at the mapr examples for interacting with maprdb using python api (GitHub - mapr-demos/python-bindings: Python bindings for MapR DB JSON API) as well as the source code for the python bindings (python-bindings/maprdb at master · mapr-demos/python-bindings · GitHub), it seems that the table inserts are not asynchronous nor do they take advantage of the distributed nature of mapr (ie. all writes to a maprdb table using the python api would need to be done sequentially). Is this correct (or am I missing something)? If so, is there a fast way to write multiple json documents to a maprdb table while still using the python bindings (rather than the java or c apis)? Thanks.