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Can a MapR Query Condition handle multiple is ?

Question asked by stevenyoussef on Dec 22, 2017
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I am using spark to load data from a mapr json table. 


I have a query condition that I use to query that table. However my query condition is not small in size. 


def queryByPCond(list:RDD[Row]):QueryCondition ={
  var queryCondition = MapRDB.newCondition()
  list.collect.foreach(row =>{
    //query between the intervals"field",Op.EQUAL,"value im searching for")
   return queryCondition


However, I have almost 600,000 "" in my query condition.

After, I execute the query, I read the data into a dataframe.

I'm having trouble reading the data because it seems like the query condition is not working properly.

I took out the query condition and I was successfully able to read the data.
I tried only searching the table on two "fields" and I was able to read the data.

But, when I try to search the table on 600,000 values, I am not able to read the data.