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Volume Topology almost full alarm in /var/mapr/local/<host>/metrics

Question asked by sjgx on Dec 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by cathy

I'm getting a "volume Topology almost full alarm" in

* mapr.hostname.local.audit

* mapr.hostname.local.logs 

* mapr.hostname.local.metrics


When I look through the directories in  /var/mapr/local/hostname I only see files in /var/mapr/local/hostname/metrics. There are ~700 files, each about 300kb. 


Can I delete these files? If not, what are they used for?


This node has six 2.7TB drives (/dev/sdb through /dev/sdg), all designated MapR-FS. Three are at 100% and 3 are at 88% capacity. The other drives on the other nodes are nowhere near capacity. 


Is it fair to assume these two problems are related? If not, why are the drives on this node filling up whereas the others are not?