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How to connect to RM using cookies

Question asked by abhiz_02 on Dec 22, 2017
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I am trying to write a script to monitor jobs running in resource manager. Idea is to make sure there is no job running for more than 120 min. If there is any job running for more than 120 min my script will trigger email to admins and they will take a call. So by this i can avoid run-away queries which basically end up eating entire cluster resources.


So in order to achieve this i am hitting and RM http URL from script and gathering running job information. Now challenge is to access the RM i need to pass my username and password in clear text, which i don't want to do for obvious reason. 


Is there any alternate method which i can use to hit RM URL without using my username password. One which i know is using cookies i can achieve same but not sure how to save RM cookies. Can someone help me with issue ?


We are running mapr 5.2 secure (mapr ticket) cluster with 30 nodes and RM is configured with HA.