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Will server id change when I change the IP

Question asked by hari.gopalakrishnan on Dec 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by hari.gopalakrishnan


 We are planing to change the IP for one of the node. Will the server ID when we change the IP. 


$ sudo maprcli node list -columns rp,id
hostname             ip                               id                                        racktopo
dl360x3820       2734134527242447981    /data/mapr-rack3/node2/dl360x3820
dl360x3897      2061082103449930952    /data/mapr-rack1/node2/dl360x3897
dl360x3899      6816353816047740178    /data/mapr-rack2/node2/dl360x3899
dl360x4059     2914958061350140408    /data/mapr-rack1/node3/dl360x4059
dl360x4060     3442082878152106012    /data/mapr-rack2/node3/dl360x4060


For example if I change the IP for to, then the ID will get change ?


Thanks in Advance.