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Unable to import HBaseTableCatalog

Question asked by ramakrishnaa14 on Dec 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by maprcommunity


I am trying to use spark connector as mentioned in below github link


hbase/hbase-spark/src/main/scala/org/apache/hadoop/hbase/spark at 1.1.8-mapr-1703 · mapr/hbase · GitHub 


I am able to connect when using spark version 2.1.0-mapr-1703 but same is not working when i am tyring to use with

spark version 2.0.1-mapr-1611. I am not able to import hbaseCatalog from org.apache.spark.sql.datasources.hbase.HBaseTableCatalog so i wanted to check if hbase catalog and spark hbase connector is valid with spark version 2.0.1-mapr-1611