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Multi-tenancy docs imply making tenant root?

Question asked by reedv on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by keysbotzum

Looking at the docs (Setting Up a Tenant) for setting up a multi-tenant environment, it says "The superuser for a tenant, referred to as tenant admin, must have a UID of 0 on the tenant host(s) to access the tenant volume (only) and all data in the tenant volume. Although the tenant admin has the same UID as the MapR superuser, the tenant admin does not have the same level of access and administration privileges as the MapR superuser because the tenant admin’s access is based on the tenant ticket and is restricted to the tenant volume."


From reading this it seems like that would make the tenant admin a root user (having UID=0) and in fact, following these instructions (where the tenant host is a host that is a part of the mapr cluster), the tenant host is recognized by the system as root and can access any file that any other root user could. What could be happening here? Is this how multi-tenancy is supposed to be and I'm not doing some extra step? Is there better documentation out there? Thanks.