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Mapr Client 5.2.1 streams consumer bug

Question asked by ani.desh1512 on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by jbubier

We have a cluster running MapR 5.2.1. Here is the problem that we recently discovered:

  1. We created a topic
  2. This topic contained messages with null payload
  3. Now, whenever we tried to read from this topic via a consumer (mapr client version 5.2.1), we got the following error and it just brings down the entire system (in our case its streamsets and a consumer utilities jar)
    1. java: fs/client/marlin/cc/listener/ int mapr::fs::ListenerResultSet::AddMessage(mapr::fs::ListenerResultSetFeed*, const mapr::fs::BinaryValue&, const mapr::fs::BinaryValue&, const mapr::fs::StringValue&, int64_t, int64_t, bool*): Assertion `seq == 0' failed.
  4. If we use mapr client 5.2.2, then we dont get the above error. in fact thats how we discovered that the topic had null messages


Now, we make efforts to not have null messages at all, but in some erroneous cases, when null payload does happen, we certainly dont want the entire code base to fail.

So, what i wanted to ask was are these observations correct? Is there a bug in 5.2.1 that we should be aware of? Also, can we safely say that the issue is completely resolved in 5.2.2 onwards?