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Mapr Hue web ui not allowing home directory creation

Question asked by reedv on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by maprcommunity

Following the mapr docs for setting up hue with LDAP (direct bind, active directory method), restarting the services, and logging into hue, I find that attempting to create a home directory for myself or others (by checking the 'create home directory' box in the user damin interface) throws the error:


Cannot access: /user/<myusername>. Note: you are a Hue admin but not a HDFS superuser, "mapr" or part of HDFS supergroup, "supergroup".

IOException: Error getting user info for current user, <myusername>(error 500)


(Though I have superuser permissions in Hue) What does it mean to be a HDFS superuser and how can this be done? If it did work, would the user home only rest on the maprfs or would it also appear on the cluster nodes (I ask because of another answer on this form that implied that mapr can only recognize users that have user accounts consistent across all nodes of the cluster)?


When reverting to the original non-LDAP configuration and logging in as the mapr user, I see that you can't even check the box for expressing intent to create a home directory for users (a red stop sign appears instead). Does this also have something to do with the mapr hue user not having hdfs permissions? Thanks.