Comment Or Reply To A Post In SharePoint Using Angular

Discussion created by Azharuddin on Dec 4, 2017


Nowadays commenting or replying to a post is the most common thing in all social networks. Hence, in this article, I am going to explain how it works in SharePoint using AngularJS. With the help of this article, you will learn how to set comment or reply feature to a post in SharePoint using AngularJS.


Comments allow your website's visitors to have a discussion with you and each other. So, the main objective of this article is you to know how to set a comment feature to a post while developing your website or a page in SharePoint using AngularJS.


  • Create a picture library or a list in SharePoint Training to retrieve the posts to the web page
  • Create a web page with nice UI for displaying the posts and users to comment on the posts
  • Create appropriate HTML and AngularJS script for the web page
  • Create a list for storing the comments or replies for the posts


  • Create a list to store the posts. Where I am naming “Discussions” to the list and creating appropriate columns, as shown below.

  • Create one more list to store all the replies or comments for the post, as shown below.


  • Write a script code to retrieve the discussions from the above list
  • Display all discussions in a webpage, where user can reply or comment for the post as shown below,


    Where user can reply to every discussion individually by clicking on “Reply”. Also, they can read the all replies by clicking the “replies”

    Let’s have a look at “Reply” and “replies” as below:
  • When we click “Reply”, it shows as the below,


  • By the click on submit, you can post your reply to the post.
  • When clicking on “replies”, it shows all respected replies as below


  • When click on “Create new discussion”, it shows as following,