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maprcli command fails

Question asked by hari.gopalakrishnan on Dec 5, 2017
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 I am new to MapR. In our organization we are using MapR 5.2.1.


We have configured CLDB in two nodes (5 nodes in a cluster). Now I have had shutdown CLDB in both the nodes. and when I try starting it using maprcli node services -cldb start -nodes <host_name>, it fails reporting "ERROR (10009) -  RPC Rejected by CLDB Server". Can I know why please.


Not only this command all maprcli command fails.


$ maprcli node list
ERROR (10009) - Couldn't connect to the CLDB service. Check if at least one CLDB is running.


I want to know why maprcli looks for CLDB.


FYI we are using Classic Mode