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Users created on linux node not appearing in MCS web UI

Question asked by reedv on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by deborah

How do you create users that can be 'seen' by the mapr control system (MCS) web ui?

Currently have a mapr installation running on 6 CentOS 7 nodes and have one of the nodes (say node02) acting as an edge node for users to log into (using gnome desktop environment and xrdp). When using system-config-users on node02, can create users and groups, but when trying to assign properties to these these users/groups in the MCS (eg. setting permissions or assigning volumes) the MCS gives error that 'this user or group does not exist'.

May be misinterpreting the info, but this post from the mapr community forms as well as the official documentation (docs are for 5.0 while I'm using 5.2, but the relevant lines are the same) seems to imply that users on any of the nodes used in the mapr cluster should be able to be seen and configured in the MCS:

'MapR uses each node's native operating system configuration to authenticate users and groups for access to the cluster'.

However, as stated in the previous paragraph, this does not seem to be the case.

New to using mapr and any explaination of what is happening and how to correct it would be appreciated.