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Hue cannot create user home (mapr5.2.0 sandbox)

Question asked by reedv on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by maprcommunity

Using the hue interface for the mapr5.2 sandbox on virtualbox, the hue user admin interface throws error when trying to create a home folder for a newly created user (saying 'cannot create home directory for user <newuser>'). The official docs seem to indicate that this feature should work, yet looking at this post seems to indicate that the user should have been created using the adduser command as root on the host machine (rather than with Hue (as echoed in a similar problem here)) (in which case, what is the point of the Hue user admin interface at all?). Furthermore, when ssh into the sandbox (with "$ssh -o ServerAliveInterval=60 mapr@localhost -p 2222") and looking for the newly created user via "$grep <newuser> /etc/passwd", no results are present.


What is happening here? Where are the users that Hue is supposed to be creating and why can't Hue give them home directories? Thank you.


My ultimate goal here is to eventually install mapr-hue on a commercial cluster for use as a central user management interface across all nodes so that users can be recognized in the MCS web ui (rather than having to do something like "$clush <command to create user and group>" to get user to appear, as indicated by this post). Basically, would like a gui for managing users across the cluster such that they can be created (and have permissions set) in a gui interface and can then be assigned volumes and permissions from the MCS.