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Why some mapr directories have wide open permissions?

Question asked by vladimir_protsenko on Nov 12, 2017
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While configuring cluster on CentOS 7.2 machines I have noticed that some directories have too open permissions 777, such as:
- /mapr/
- /opt/mapr/fluentd/fluentd-0.14.00/var/log/fluentd


As for the tmp in user directory it permits anyone to delete files that are user specific. And as for the second directory it causes following error to happen:

error: skipping "/opt/mapr/fluentd/fluentd-0.14.00/var/log/fluentd/fluentd.log" because parent directory has insecure permissions (It's world writable or writable by group which is not "root") Set "su" directive in config file to tell logrotate which user/group should be used for rotation.


What is the purpose for such permissions? Could I change them to more restrictive at least for `others` without harming cluster health?