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MapR Academy Pro?

Question asked by david.voican on Nov 7, 2017
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I took a look a few months ago on this website and I saw somewhere an option to benefit MapR Academy Pro without paying anything. I wanted to start it right away, but then I had a time issue and I didn't get to it till now (maybe a few weeks ago). Now I can't find this option anymore. It is really gone? Do I have really pay 2250$ to benefit the Academy Pro? I am really sorry that I didn't used that chance if it is so..but I am actually really, really hoping that I make somewhere a mistake and I can still learn the whole training without paying that much. I still know that I got into certificates and I saw that I have to pay for it once for the exam, but not for the training. I would appreciate if you could send me the right links where I access the trainings like before (if it is possible).


Thank you for taking your time for it!


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