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Drill questions

Question asked by srijharsha on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by cathy
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Can you guys help me out with few simple questions like :


1.  Will we be able to deploy a drill logic inside the spring boot application in the PCF(Pivotal Cloud Foundry).

If Possible then please let me know as if i am getting an exception regarding the deployment in the pcf.

Then i thought of knowing whether the drill works in PCF or not ...????


2.  I am querying on the HDFS file which is of 60GB and my files would be even more while in the production.

So, I want to read the file in the chunks and i have used Limit and OFFSET so that it will help me read it in chunks.


But the problem i am facing with this is the records i am getting are different every time i run the query i.e. 

if i query something like 

      SELECT * FROM dfs.`<FilePath.FileName.tsv>` LIMIT 10 OFFSET 1 ROWS 

   it should give the rows from 2 to 10 in the file, but each time i run the query i get a different data.

I was assuming like this, correct me if i am wrong:

      "As the File System is a Mapr file system and the file will be divided into parts and stored on different clusters, so when i ran that query then at that time the query retrieves the rows in the part of the file stored in the cluster available first"