Prashant Guttikonda

MapR: Benchmarking The Converged Platform and Featured Use Cases

Discussion created by Prashant Guttikonda on Oct 23, 2017

Dear Ted Dunning, Thank you for sharing the youtubevideos! 


I am excited to about MapR data convergent approach (Streams, tables and files)


Would you please #evangelize on the following:


1) Is there any Benchmark Guide available for data ingestion, data transformation, information visualization, processing and storage through MapR DB?

2) What are some recommended use cases for MapR DB and other tools under its umbrella? (Presuming standard Business Features such as Financial Analytics such as P&L, Margins, Revenue, Product, Customer, GL Transactions, AR Aging and AP Aging dashboards would still rely on structured data models; with EDW )?

3) Target Audience: How is MapR different from other data storage & processing technologies?

4) Would you please share a guide that evangelizes us on Point of difference, Frame of Reference and Target Audience of MapR Technologies?


Thanking you

Looking forward to your reply