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maximize my cluster performance

Question asked by sgudavalliR on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by cathy



I have a 5 node mapR cluster set up... 


I have following services set up -> 


services on node local1
cldb fileserver nfs nodemanager webserver zookeeper

services on node local2
fileserver nodemanager webserver zookeeper

services on node local3
fileserver nodemanager resourcemanager webserver zookeeper

services on node local4
fileserver historyserver hivemetastore hiveserver2 hivewebhcat nodemanager

services on node local5
fileserver nodemanager oozie


i have 16gb RAM on each node


3 of the nodemanagers are allocated 5 gb  (1,2,3)  and other 2 have 10gb each (4,5).  Not sure why 3 of the nodes have been allocated only 50% of nodes 4 & 5.


how can i get more memory allocated on my nodemanagers?


can you please suggest.