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Other Node is not optimized but registered in the cluster

Question asked by dzndrx on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by adeshmukh

Hi Community,


Currently Im running a 2 node cluster in a bare metal setup. The cluster is up and running for about 8 months. This setup is installed via MCS.

Server Specification:
24 core

128gb Memory

3tb disk and 600gb OS

RHEL 7.3 


Here are some screen shots.

As you can see here 2 nodes are visible within the default rack but on the cluster utilization total cores is only 24 (should be 48 cores) and memory will be 125.6 (should be 250~256 GB) while the disk space is 6tb which seems correct.


Here are the other screenshots

NODE1 machine performance. As you can see CPU resulted to 24cores also memory is 73%  which seems pretty normal

While the node2 is this 

NODE2 machine performance. As you can see CPU resulted to 0 while the memory used is also 0%.


NODE1 services.


NODE2 Services


Also we noticed that other components are also not optimized, for example the spark executors. Here you can see there's only 1 single active executors (should be two).

But in Drill its perfectly fine


Hope I can get attention to this as this is a critical demo cluster.